Project Description

PHOTOGRAPHS, digital/analog

individual projects

Large format camera

pinhole photography


Photos were made at the Dom Lekarza Seniora (House of Doctor) in Warsaw

The photos show one day in the life of the inhabitants of the House of Doctor. This day doesn’t differ from any other days during the year. Repetition creates some fundaments on which people can rely. Fixed dates of meals, visits of the family and friends, rehabilitation, cleaning your own room, checking the calendar. 95-year old lady cleans her room every day and during listening old american songs she waters her flowers. Old good friends pose in front of the cups that were brought especially for this occasion. It doesn’t matter that they are empty. What is important is make-up, clothes, surrounding – the best is the hall. Old man talks via Skype every day dressed in the suit. Nobody notices the omnipresent emptiness. Because nobody says what is behind the shadowline.